Upptäck Kroatien

If you are a frequent visitor to Croatia and love the beach or the charm of the old towns, or even if you have never considered a Croatian experience before, then this site is for you.

We aim to provide friendly first hand advice that will enable you to get the most of your holiday, all we ask in return is that if you find a gem on your travels you come back and share it with us.

I fell in love on my first visit nearly ten years ago and have been going back ever since.

Many people have heard of places like Split and Dubrovnik, and in fact some major tour operators now supply holidays in these regions, however what has never ceased to amaze me is how beautiful and varied this wonderful country is.

Situated on the Adriatic coast the climate is very similar to Italy, and in fact there are many similarities between Italy and Greece.

However one big tick is that the local currency is the Kuna and not the Euro and as such prices (food and drink especially!) are very reasonable for travellers from Britain, Euro Zone countries and long haul adventurers from North America and Australasia.

It has taken me nearly a decade to find the best bits on offer so please read on and hopefully you will Love Croatia too!

So what are you looking for in your holiday? Crystal clear blue water? Beautiful peaceful islands?

How about fantastic Roman ruins and Glorious Beaches?

Oh and you want to feel like a traveller and not in a cultureless tourist resort? Tough one…

For all the above, you’ve guessed it, Croatia.

The Tourism industry is the countries biggest revenue generator and this has been reinvested wisely to retain the unique Croatian feel.

As well as a relaxing coastal Holiday there are some fantastic active, eco and cultural holidays on offer.

There are miles of beautiful hiking paths and cycle routes as well as great summer festivals, not to mention a host of new art galleries and exhibitions to both compliment and contrast the country’s Ancient Venetian and Roman roots.

If that doesn’t excite you don’t worry there is plenty to keep the party people occupied too.

Each of the region pages has information on what’s on so simply click on the side navigation bars of a region such as Dubrovnik or Split or here for a general suggestions on where to go if you have a particular type of holiday in mind.

* Foto källa: Croatian Tourist Board